What We Believe

Riverside exists to help people follow Jesus. We are a part of the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana) denomination. Check out the information below to find out more about our mission, values, and beliefs


Our Mission:

Connecting People to Christ
through service and love.

Our Values:

Connecting with God: “Experiencing God personally through the Holy spirit by praying, singing, and meditating on who He is.”
Connecting with Community: “Gathering together to build community and friendships, following Christ’s example.”
Connecting with God’s word: “Creating an environment where studying and learning god’s word is exciting. encouraging daily reading and application to understand God’s love for all.” 
Connecting People to purpose: “Raising up passionate leaders; developing their skills to mentor and make disciples as jesus called us to do.”  
Connecting the hurting with a safe place: “Sharing compassion with the hurting to create a place where people feel accepted and safe to explore a relationship with God.” 

Our Beliefs:

The Lordship of JesusThere is one Lord, who is God’s Son Jesus Christ, over the church. Christ is the church’s ultimate authority on all matters (Acts 2:36).
Making Disciples: Each of us is called to fulfill Matthew 28:18–20, making fully devoted followers of Christ—disciples—who will then teach others to follow Christ.
Loving God and Neighbor: We are called to fulfill Matthew 22:37–39, not only loving God with our entire being, but also loving all that he loves.
The Work of the Holy Spirit: God’s Spirit equips believers with unique gifts that enable us to carry out the mission of Christ in the world. At the same time, the Spirit produces love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness,
& self-control in every believer (Galatians 5:22–23),
which demonstrate the Spirit’s presence within us.
Stewardship: Since God is the source of life, all of life is to be used for the honor, glory, and service of God (Psalm 24:1).
Salvation makes us members of God’s church: We believe that the church is composed of every person who has accepted Jesus Christ as Savior.
We enter into the life of the church, not by joining a denomination or a human organization, but by committing our lives to Christ (John 3:1–7).
Christians are called to be one: We believe that God calls all followers of Christ to live in unity and peace, regardless of who they are or the church they attend (Gal 3:28). While we may not agree on everything, we can rally around our subject, Jesus.
holiness: We believe that followers of Christ have been called to live a life of love, purity, and godliness. We are called to live like Christ,
taking on a new nature (2 Cor 5:17)
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