Our Leadership Team

Andrew Loyd
Lead Pastor
Andrew and his wife Kelsy have been at Riverside since 2019. He holds a Masters degree in Theology and Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary and a Bachelors Degree in Worship Arts from Bushnell University. He is passionate about people experiencing life change through a relationship with Jesus Christ and seeing the church become a place of healing where people can connect with the love of God and community.
Phone: 541-942-7126 ext 919
Email: andrewjosephloyd@gmail.com
Kyle McGowen
Youth Pastor
Kyle has been at Riverside since 2011. He is a licensed minister in the Church of God and passionate about connecting youth to God and purpose. He also has a heart for the local community. Kyle will often find creative ways to minister to local families in practical ways. Kyle enjoys spending time with his wife, Courtney, and following his favorite sports teams.
Phone: 541-942-7126 ext 12
Email: cgriversidechurch@hotmail.com
Karen Graham
Children’s Pastor
Karen has been at Riverside since 1998. She is an ordained minister in the Church of God and has a huge heart for children and their families. She will frequently use her giftedness in music and videography to help others experience the love of Jesus Christ in creative ways. Karen and her husband Scott love spending time with family, playing games, and taking trips together.
Phone: 541-942-7126 ext 19
Hank Green
Pastoral Care
Hank has been at Riverside since 2010. He has decades of pastoral experience and has a passion for helping people experience God and his word. Hank has regularly walked alongside those who are sick and hurting to offer the peace and hope of Jesus in some of their toughest moments. He and his wife Linda love spending time with family and watching college football.
Phone: 541-942-7126 ext 26
Email: cgriversidechurch@hotmail.com
Erin Summerlin
Worship & Creative Arts
Erin has been at Riverside for most of her life and became the Worship & Creative Arts Pastor in 2020. She is a skilled vocalist and instrumentalist who is passionate about leading people into an experience with God through art. In addition to music, she is also skilled in the art of digital design and content creation. Erin loves spending time in nature and playing games with family and friends.
Phone: 541-942-7126 ext 18
Email: cgriversidechurch@hotmail.com
Karen Moorehead
Office Manager
Karen Moorehead has been at Riverside since 2007. She has a passion for helping people get connected to Jesus and community. Karen and her husband Steve can often be found improving several areas of the church with a serving heart. They love spending time with family and getting the opportunity to sneak away for the occasional cruise.
Phone: 541-942-7126
Email: cgriversidechurch@hotmail.com